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What's your congregation's mission? What are your congregation's distinctive gifts for ministry? What needs does your community have? In today's world churches must understand their purpose and their "why" in order to be most faithfully effective. A "Repurposing" process can help your church make sure that your mission (your "why"), you assets (people, gifts, and property), and your community's needs are in alignment. This workshop will describe and provide tools for an intentional process that your church can use to help ensure that alignment. Examples will also be shared of how a few UCC congregations transformed their lives, mission and community presence through the use of their buildings and campus. 


Jill White, Lead Regional Mission Interpreter, UCC Church Building & Loan Fund. Initially shared at the Church Building & Loan Find “Partners in Building 2021” event, this workshop remains relevant and a great place to start to learn about repurposing your building for mission in your community.

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For more than a century-and-a-half, the United Church of Christ Church Building & Loan Fund has served new and renewing congregations of the United Church of Christ and other Christian denominations throughout the U.S. Through innovation programs that help churches plan, raise, finance, and build projects that advance the mission of the Church, CB&LF has partnered with congregations to transform their local communities. To learn more, visit

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