“By trying to “save” our churches through neoliberal and conventional approaches to finance, we are already dead because we have ceased to be the church and to be Christ’s followers. But, if we cease to fear the “death” of the church and turn instead to living by our radical commitments to economic justice, we may well find that we have new life. That “life” may not be full pews and full offering plates, but instead it may be a greater relevance and service to our communities and to our world.” - Dr. Sheryl Johnson

Author Bio

Sheryl Johnson is a professor of ethics at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, California. She has a doctorate in Christian ethics from the Graduate Theological Union. Sheryl is also an ordained minister in the United Church of Canada/United Church of Christ. She serves as a pastor at the Congregational Church of San Mateo, UCC.

Praise for "Serving Money, Serving Church"

"Sheryl Johnson bravely addresses the current Lazarus-like chasm between justice commitments and church finances. With an encouraging tone of humility and hope, Johnson offers both analysis and principles, but pushes beyond to make practical suggestions as to how churches can begin to incarnate justice-based Christian stewardship in a time such as this."

- Jennifer Henry, senior program development and strategy lead, United Church of Canada

"Johnson offers an accessible roadmap and focalizing handbook for how (and why) mainstream churches can prioritize the gospel over the dominant economic story, and find new life amid had times through personal and institutional practices of economic solidarity and justice."

- Ched Myers, author of The Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics, and co-director of Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries

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