Sexuality and The Black Church: Shedding New Light on Old Truths

This 7-week course designed to accompany Black faith leaders and predominantly Black churches as we explore historical, cultural, and theological challenges around fully embracing all expressions of Black Sexuality. This struggle has shaped how the Black church addressed the AIDS crisis in the 1980’s and is at the heart of the theological, spiritual, psychological, and practical struggles that many Black congregations face today. The curriculum is designed to be culturally relevant and to address the crux of the issues with which Black congregations struggle. What does it mean to ask racially marginalized communities to fully embrace, love, and affirm people who bring intersectionally marginalized identities to a community that often seeks out the Church to avoid or escape feeling disenfranchised?

Hosted by: Ministers for Racial, Social, and Economic Justice (MRSEJ) and United Black Christians (UBC)