The Vision

For three days, we gathered to reflect on what we've moved through as the church over the last three years. We know we are still living in a pandemic-informed world. It was time to gather to recognize the innovative ways we have survived and in some ways thrived in the midst of it.

While we gathered, we asked questions like:

What did we learn when faced with the need to pivot quickly and still be effectively present as church?

Where do we still need to stretch ourselves?

What and how do we need to build capacity to resource how we're evolving as church?

What might we each offer to help us become?

To discern and dream about the answers together, we heard captivating catalyst addresses and tapped into our own personal experiences for inspiration. It was a Spirit-filled time - luminous with both grief and joy. We hope the videos will continue to offer richness and inspiration to you and your community!

Videos from our Emerging Church Summit are now available for purchase!

Even if you missed the live summit, there are recorded videos from each of our Catalyst Speakers - our UCC Associate General Ministers, as well as enlivening worship spaces and musical offerings. Purchase your life-time access now to revisit them anytime, anywhere.

$35 for an individual & $160 for a congregation

Keep these important conversations going as we figure out how to continue to be the "emerging church" in a pandemic-informed world.

If you previously registered for the summit, you still have FREE life-time access. Contact Laura Robinson if you are having any trouble accessing the recordings. [email protected]


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